Scholar's Workbench

The METAscripta project enables users to annotate manuscripts and save their work to a private account.

The METAscripta Scholar's Workbench allows users to add and save annotations to any manuscript displayed in the Workbench viewer, which is a customized version of Mirador. Like other Mirador viewers, you can activate the annotation tool by clicking on the Bubble icons in the upper left corner of the viewer and use the various shapes to select an area of any page. When you make a selection, a window will open to which you can add notes, translations, other images, and embedded hyperlinks to online resources, including text, audio, and video files. You can thus search the internet for any related materials and link these to specified selections of a manuscript.

An important feature of the Scholar's Workbench compared to other versions of Mirador, however, is that you can to save your annotations to your own registered account, privately accessible by your user login. When you return to the Workbench, your account will retrieve the manuscripts you're studying and your annotations will have been saved and for continued research. 

For examples of Vatican manuscripts already annotated in Mirador see Thematic Pathways on the Web. See also our Introductory Video on the METAscripta Home page to see the annotation tool in action. Notice in the video that it is possible to compare and annotate more than one manuscript at once, including manuscripts from other digital libraries, as long as the images are IIIF compliant.

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